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Custom Inside Boeing 747 Private Jet Decoration

Look Inside a $613 Million Boeing 747 personal aircraft plane charter Decoration of Custom Luxury upgrade package post by


0:00 someone somewhere bought a private plane that costs six hundred and thirteen
0:05 million dollars
0:06 just thought you'd like to feel broke too i'm mara montalbano for buzz60 and
0:11 the anonymous buyer isn't just swearing off flying commercial
0:15 they're giving it the finger the plane is a boeing 747-8 which is the longest
0:20 passenger jet in the world and can carry 450 people
0:25 the aircraft alone cost more than 350 million dollars but the owner wanted to
0:31 customize so he or she had green . technologies put another 245 million
0:37 dollars were the features into it including a restaurant dining room
0:41 master bedroom guest bedrooms two lounges and an office
0:46 we don't know what the plane looks like now but this video shows a model of what
0:50 the company will do to your plane
0:52 I personally couldn't care less about a 40 inch TV
0:55 to me the most aspirational thing about the plane is the lack of crying babies
0:58 and people who take their shoes off mid-flight

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747 800 Private Jet Charter

747 800 Private Jet Charter is Most Luxurious Plane known Boeing 747-8 VIP aircraft service near you

Video Transcript:

0:04 on this episode of Titan trending the most luxurious plane ever
0:09 the Boeing 747 - a VIP is the second-largest plane in the world is
0:14 also the most luxurious plane in the world at a whopping 367 million dollars
0:20 excluding laundry upgrade this plane makes private jets look like toys
0:25 the plane is completed by green . technologies and comes with four
0:28 thousand seven hundred eighty six square feet
0:30 it features a stateroom with lounges office conference room more lounges
0:34 including the second floor lounge and a massive dining room
0:38 you can find an impressive eight thousand nautical miles non-stop first
0:42 747 - Adi key client received their plan on februari 28th 2012 the clients
0:48 identity remains under schools
0:50 it has been tracked that the first VIP plane went to equate our and another has
0:54 been tracked to Bermuda
0:55 fun fact the united states air force announced in january 2015 that they had
0:59 selected the boeing 747 - 8:00 as the replacement to the bc - 25 8 for
1:05 presidential transport
1:07 so to wrap this up basically if you have half a billion dollars you can pick
1:10 yourself up one of these awesome giant planes
1:12 hope you guys enjoyed this video until the next one have a good one

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John Wayne Airport Private Jet Charter

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Grant Cardone Private Jet Charter Flight VS Buy Aircraft Plane Aviation

Grant Cardone video explain why Private Jet Charter Flight VS Buy Aircraft Plane Aviation make sense for business Entrepreneur go to location near you

When you fly private you don’t have to be with 200 people stuffed in a cabin, but the big thing is a plane saves you time. A plane is a business tool. Everyone says a plane doesn't make sense. These people don't have planes. Show me a really wealthy person and I’ll show you a person that owns a jet. Grant's choice was a mid-Size Gulf Stream 200. Time is money, so his investment buys time. Get rich and you too can own a jet. Why not?



Automatic Video Transcript:

0:00 I'm talking to for a bridge for breezy Oh poley he's with Tyra swings he's
0:04 asking he's doing an interview with me about why i bought my jet ha made sense
0:09 of it so I want to just make my friends on Facebook really appreciate you
0:13 joining me here we're gonna have a few people join us on facebook if you don't mind
0:17 ok so grand first question what time frame was there between the first time
0:21 you charter the jet and you actually bought your own jet you know that's
0:24 interesting because I never chartered a jet before i bought mine
0:28 that's good now I asked a lot of questions to a lot of people look at I i
0:32 literally just good for bc i couldn't make sense of the cost of the hours
0:37 ok see I'm a very very practical person I was brought up lower middle class
0:42 I've always been brought up to respect money and so when I started doing
0:47 I started looking at a jet when I was 50 I'm 58 today probably when I was 55
0:53 years old it took me a very short period of time to pull the trigger
0:55 ok and we're not when it's somewhere between 51 and 55 I quit traveling
1:00 ok and I could try had been traveling 200 and 250 days a year speaking all
1:05 around the United States mostly the United States Canada and and not north of Mexico
1:10 yeah and the travel had become so brutal on me that i started doing less and less
1:16 travel and i started doing more online with streaming i started reaching my
1:21 customers via Skype periscope streams anything video streaming that I could do
1:28 live i was doing more and more of because frankly I would rather be
1:33 directly in front of my customers but it was so painful to get on American or
1:37 Delta it didn't matter what airlines
1:39 yeah I've used them all flown over 3 million commercial miles
1:43 I've been in bird strikes bomb scares delayed flights canceled flights
1:48 equipment breakdowns
1:50 I've seen people kicked off plane I got in a fight on a plane once before nine
1:54 eleven so it just became a point where I'm like dude I can't fly anymore
1:59 I'd I'm done like every time I would go out for breezy oh I'd be like what the
2:04 hell am i doing staying now terrorism with all these apples going out this
2:08 this this was before all that really started happening
2:11 ok and then I'm like okay I'm gonna start investigating my own . now I went
2:18 through the mat the first thing i did everybody told me a couple buddies of
2:21 mine both that are expects tremely wealthy and successful
2:25 yeah everybody's tell me a plane doesn't make sense
2:28 everybody told me a plane didn't make sense didn't have a plane
2:32 ok yeah the guy ok what Warren Buffett warren buffett said it doesn't make any sense
2:38 so he bought the whole freakin you know about 750 jets now they bought them all
2:42 and he'll tell you he'll tell you it's the thing in his life that he would not
2:46 get rid of
2:48 yeah so I talked to a car dealer friend of mine that's a he went from poverty
2:53 came into this country's were three billion dollars today
2:55 he says he that guy can squeeze a quarter
2:59 literally the Eagle screams and flies off the corner he's so tight he owns three Jets
3:05 so I'm looking around I'm doing them I'm like all the rich people have a man
3:09 yeah why did the rich people have them in the people that don't have them
3:13 I mean the wealthy album the rich don't have the wealthy and the story is a
3:16 story a few weeks ago are right on this i took two companies that are in the
3:20 same business Tesco supermarket chain in the UK and they got to make it all over the world
3:24 your and walmart and interesting a walmart operate the largest private jet
3:29 li in the world and they continue buying jets even in the recession 2008-2010
3:34 they continued by jets and using them and we still can offer a discount
3:37 groceries at the store test goes just sold their fleet of jets last year
3:42 yeah big time here in the UK but you look at the two companies warm are
3:45 making money and they keep buying yes
3:48 Tesco's have sold their jets and they're losing money yes
3:51 that tells you a story that yeah there's a story so if you look at wealthy people
3:54 are you show me a really wealthy person on the show you somebody either own to
3:58 jet or charter a jet
4:00 yeah and a lot of them on the jet now back to back to why I never chartered
4:04 because i could not and I did all the look I did all the math okay okay I'm
4:09 gonna go buy a hundred hours hundred hours is going to cost me nine hundred
4:12 thousand in that about right us
4:15 yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it needs to be replaced so so I'm playing it out
4:19 remember my first purchase of a jet I never chartered my first purchase was a
4:23 mid-sized a Gulfstream to hundreds of millions of super midsize right thing
4:28 good choice good choice arm
4:30 I could not in my mind because I'm so practical makes sense of nine hundred grand
4:36 my thinking was this i'm going to write a check for 900 I'm gonna go through the
4:39 hundred hours and six months or worse
4:42 I'm not going to use the hundred hours because i don't want to write another
4:46 check you follow me
4:47 yeah I want to save those hours but you see so so much okay i'm going to write a
4:53 second check for 900 let's say I go through the hundred hours
4:55 am I going to write another one for 900 I'm so cheap that I'm like I'm not going
5:00 to write it i'm just not going to travel but if i buy the damn thing
5:04 yeah if i buy it and I park it out here at opal lockout Miami and it's sitting
5:09 there going down and value every day
5:12 what am I gonna do yeah i'm going to use it every day
5:15 so for me I went ahead and paid for the jet i bought a jet
5:20 because it forces me he's going to how much you paid for it all you know this
5:24 was about 8 million dollars
5:25 ok this is a two thousand eight uh 2008 a Gulfstream 200 has 2,800 hours on it
5:33 what about it was all about four guys
5:35 yeah and and I don't I don't it's a what is it called a
5:39 90 91 91 you know yet 91 so I is it's a 90 what part 91 is not a 135 metres keep yourself
5:48 I never charter ok now let me just tell you my thinking okay because most people
5:53 think that was stupid doing that
5:55 okay look I would not travel if i had to write a check to do it
5:59 yeah i would not now i do have to write a check but the point is that jets it's
6:03 out there so I look for every opportunity to use that jet it is like
6:07 having a vacation home if you have a suggestion . how many partners do you
6:11 have I have two pallets full time soon ok I have to have two pallets full count
6:16 they work for me they only work for me when I get on that plane my clothes on
that play my musics on that plane nobody else has been on that plane
nobody else drink on that plane okay I know who's on that I know that plane
like like I know my car's my family my kids the personality I know when
something glitches on it i know'd it's just a computer don't worry boots let's
I what I wouldn't know that in a fleet yeah and that gives me comfort
yeah that's the pilots you know your pilot's you know them personally do not
like I know I know them like family
ok when I go on a trip i'm getting ready to go to st. Barths I can't land at st.
Bart's with this thing but when i go there
one of the pilots is going to be with me the whole trip is going to stay with me
we're going to work he did he works in another business with me so i can
actually i can actually give other opportunities to the pilots
that's good that's great because pilots these days work a lot about and
integrated money compared to 15 20 years ago
well it's been distributed by I don't because I used to be an a-line pineapple
juice for years ago my mother know what I'm gonna quit doing this airline pilot
thing is i bet i can make more money selling a coffee set of line and that's
exactly the case
yeah but by pilots could make more money if they would find a good I mean they
they got access to the wealthiest people on a plant
yeah the the thing the pilots missing is this they only fly the plane
yeah they shouldn't just fly the plane you have access to the wealthiest people
on planet Earth ok
yeah and courageous wealthy people ok when you buy jet dude that's a freaking
like like that's not you can't fake that deal
ok no he's not so you have access to the wealthiest people without if I was a
I would never go home
might stay with a man I'd be their chauffeur they're playing guy
they're golfing buddy I'd be everything to those wealthy people
yeah so what made you choose to go see Angie 200 against another aircraft what
do you like about well i started i started on the Phenom started on a
phenom 100
yes muscle I'm like that's too small so i went to a phenom 300
I'm like okay that's just that the air condition and the heater all in your
face all the time
yeah but then i went to the Hawker i went to a hawker 800 hawker 900
um I actually had a hawker 900 under contract I didn't feel good about that
the head height even though I'm not a real tall guy bags in there is it
because well and then I ended up at gulfstream and a challenger 300 I said
look I know my play my plane is going to be a super midsize I like the cabin
I never want more than three or four people in a plane that fits nine
I don't want to be cramped up to implement your why have on the decision
of the airplane
she's not my wife is more of our my wife is not not a lot ok my wife is more uh
you're right
ok sheshe you're writing your thinking okay now will tell you this about what
my wife did how she did influence
she said if you're not going to do it now when are you going to do it yeah she
has she has been the one kind of seeding the idea that this was something I
needed to do for myself so that I could stay on the road and keep doing what I
want to do with people which has helped people so so she's the one that said if
you're not going to do it at 58 you're not going to do it at 70
yeah so she's she really shorten up the timeline because she had made sense like
I'm not going to want to use it yet when I'm 75
yeah you know I want to travel now we we used last year we used it over 250 hours
last year us and i probably could have used more
yeah you go international as well you just figure out we we go down to South
America we with this plane this plane wouldn't i would never take personally
wouldn't fly private overseas
what because I flatline a380
I mean how do you beat a380 dude how to add how do you beat those big those big
super super jets commercial jets the
that the cabins are just so wonderful on those for 18,000 I can fly eighteen
thousand dollars from here to England first class on a law stands at 382
frankford yeah but it's so comfortable the food so good
you know I could the the rest rooms are huge
you just can't do that in private i don't have a 650 Gulf Stream
yeah you know I don't have the big cabins but even if i had a Gulfstream 3
I'd still think I want to be on that a 380 well maybe it depends really well
because we haven't got find matches that here in England and he has a challenger
300 you guys up to New York all the time and they did you want your stop on the
yeah yeah and then there's no direct on the way back yeah yeah I i just think
that's two smaller plane to go overseas
yeah well everybody's got their preference something we don't like to
sit a nice morning therapies for more than night for five hours
yeah yeah ok so what's the longest trip you ever done in yours
we do we do miami la all the time Miami Seattle I've done that I mean I go cross
I can cover the whole United States I just can't come to you man
yeah so what do you think about Terry
I mean let me just say this i can make it I can make it from here
miami to paris I just come up like are from from miami to Portugal actually
yeah i'm michael i get like 25 miles from the coast
yeah and it's those last 25 miles that are problematic
ok well maybe maybe you'll get a big plane nature and and make the trip
across and it's about terrorism yeah let's look at about Joe political
situation how you from from being a private jet only algo
I mean how do you think this is influencing people as far as teaching
the whole thing and find the airlines and let me burn by jack
well number one you know even before even before the the the crazy things
that happened to do let's face it man
being on a plane with 200 other people I mean there's a good chance you got some
terrorists on that plane
I'm talking about wackos and crazies suicidals look there's so many
prescription meds
there's so many people on prescription meds in this country today that
it why would anybody want to get a put on a plane with 200 people me when i did
my first act of terrorism course you do with your lines they told me there's
three types of terrorists the mad
the bad and the sad yeah yeah exactly and and you've got those people that I
yes the prescription medication yeah yeah
and sometimes it's difficult to spot that just one all and we'll do something
stupid on the airplane yeah , shoes & blades were not even that dude just
people going crazy people being be
man I don't want to get it smells bad next to me that's a form of terrorism ok
I mean compared about in totally my career about 15 people arrested on my
yeah yeah I'm not big on look I got in a fight I got in a fight I got in a fight
on a plane because the guy wouldn't get out of my seat
ok yeah yeah so you know I I let him i said to take the seat that's fine i went
back to 22 I said in 22 is that it was empty flight in the back i sat in the
back when I when the plane landed in san diego this pre 911
I walk back up there to seat 3c ok when he stood up
I cracked him on the top of the head with one of my books I said you need to
read this if you're not first you're last
if I did that today I'd be arrested
yes right he was by the way arrested in san diego and taken to jail because
everybody first class it
mr. Cardone did cause a problem he did but why I walked away with his little
lump on his head but I would just say
in addition to the the the crazies on planes now the terrorism and look me and
my family have never felt better about to sit the decision we made to fly
because we know who's on that plane who got on that plane what's on that plane
I'm protected on that plane i have all the equipment if you know what I mean
on my plane you know what I mean all the things you can't bring on a plane
I have on my plane if you know what I mean
yeah let's talk about how you use your plane to make money because this is the
big thing due time is money time is money
it's what everybody knows nobody does time is money of time is money I can buy
ok I can do I've done four cities in one day in that plane for different cities
an example of your day going out to foursie's
what type of deal you would do in that day in the timings I did Miami
I did Miami Daphne Alabama little tiny runway Daphne Alabama
I got on the plane went to uh went to Atlanta met with Fran Tarkenton looked
at a piece of real estate and Daphne on my way on my way home
diverting to uh to Atlanta to meet with Fran Tarkenton to do it the the the
French darkens the Hall of Fame hall of fame
minnesota vikings quarterback yeah yeah yeah I'm in the air i'm like a friend
I could fly in right now look when you have a plane and tell somebody you can
fly in right now dude i'll see you
ok diverted from Atlanta to New York City did a meeting in New York flew back
to miami on the same day
it's impossible to do that that would take four days to do on a commercial
so I'm cook and and was with my kids my kids were with me while we did the trip
that's good and my wife yeah well give you your plane to go pick up line up and
bring them to you
yes we have ok yes we have
we've done all that okay and how do you think that its influence the deal that
you were doing with them the fact that you shouldn't be playing out to become
did I had a billionaire on a plane with me i just sold his company for 21
billion dollars me and we were both in New York
he was leaving that night he was flying back commercial believe it or not
oh I said don't but don't bother bro just sleep in i'll pick you up tomorrow
morning I'll drop you off
yeah that'd be awesome man ok yeah yeah yeah that'd be awesome
and then the guy he's right-handed and I put them in the right chair hehe loves
to write he reads a lot e circle stuff and he put eat on the on the on the
what's it called uh
follow me yeah on the panel man on the panel
yeah and I can't get the ink off buddy but he's worth four billion dollar so i
don't think i'm a cinema bill i'm just going to eat it
but look look look if I was flying commercial that day what am I gonna tell
him hey man what you fly back to me go back with me tomorrow and Delta we can
sit next to each other and hold hands
yeah it's not much of an offer right I'm like a plane you like the plane
you love the plane yeah and interesting enough when we're leaving Teterboro the
guy that sold me the plane Kevin white happen to be in Teterboro
I turn Teterboro on the Bob Duggan Bob Duggar now is looking at a plane
Kevin might get a deal out of it like like when you fly private you're going
through these private airports you're not meeting the vice presidents of
companies anymore you're meeting the people that own the companies
yeah so that's the other thing I sell books okay I'm write books and we sell
so every time we go to a private uh to an FBO we're dropping off books we give
books two pilots we introduce ourselves to people i mean it's a great way to
make great connections
if you want to get out there and and get the world to know you
not to mention I can when I own a jet okay i can put I can put my that's grant
cardone gee that's 365 GC that basically says I'm being me
GC GC is my initials and 10x is one of my books
you couldn't do this netjets wouldn't let you put a put your logo on the tail
of the plane
yeah it's a great branding exercise as well yes tremendous branding
Yeah Yeah right great - what your plans for the future then we with airplane why
do you think you'll you'll get more planes or we will know what we won't
give her but we will definitely get a bigger one at some point
yeah yeah everybody gets bigger you know that's true
go big or go home so do you think you'll be using your playing more in the next
six six months to a year where compared to last year and he needed a very good
first you'll need 50 hours yeah but but even the 250 our thing people like if
you don't fly 250 hours it doesn't make sense i think you can make sense 750
yeah i think even a hundred even a hundred dollars I'm telling people now
go out if you want an airplane it's not like 3,200 miles you can go out and buy
a falcon 50
we have a ship a new interior no injuries you avionic all for less than 5
million dollars
yeah I don't want you may be a hundred thousand a year to operate to do 120
hours a year
yeah he's got your own airplane it's available twenty-four-seven it will take
you around the world basically and even across the Atlantic and you know it's a
great business tool
yeah it's a business tool . okay you own a printer your desk you're in an office
now you probably least that equipment
so you could at least if you want to but this is something when i get on
I want to know who's been on it look you're in the air man
yeah okay your 38,000 feet 40,000 feet you want to know i am in something
it's mine okay yeah now I know a lot of people have the idea that they were
charter and I guess if you're flying 50 or 60 hours here doesn't make sense at
some point it doesn't make sense
yeah unless you got more money than you've got time which I want to expand
time so to me time is more valuable than money and that's why about the jet
yeah makes sense okay girl thank you very much thank you my friend thank you
thank you by the way let me just say this
this has been the single best investment I have ever made in my life in my entire
yeah thank you very much thank you my friend Thank You be great